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Tog and use

The TOG measure is commonly used abroad but it is also used in our country on baby clothes such as sleeping bags for children or pyjamas. Different materials have different thermal conductivities and thus different thickness but they can have the same TOG value.

Informative table of TOG thermal coefficients

It is advised to choose the TOG thermal coefficient based on: 

  • room temperature where your child sleeps
  • clothes in which your child sleeps

It is possible to use sleeping bags of the particular TOG value also in little colder or warmer surroundings. However, it requires adjusting child´s clothes - to put more or less layers of clothes on a child.  

The table above is just informative.

The particular TOG thermal coefficients differ mainly in the amount of used padding.

Instructions for use of the sleeping bags for children

Safety first:

  • do not use sleeping bags for children with other blankets
  • consider the table for a correct choice of TOG showed above just as a basic manual, always check if the child is not overheated
  • keep sleeping bags for children away from the fire

Used materials and washing instructions

  • sleeping bags for children are made of 100% Jersey Cotton
  • padding is made of 100% polyester antiallergic fleece
  • wash them inside out as coloured clothes
  • make sure that the zipper is fastened before washing to prevent it from getting stuck in the washing machine drum and sleeping bag damage

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