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Measurements of all sizes of DETVAK sleeping bags for children and their numeric values can be seen in the picture and the table below:

Výrobca   0-6 m./70 cm 6-18m./90 cm 18-36m./110 cm 3-6r./130 cm 6-10r./150 cm
A 25 cm 28 cm 28 cm 35 cm  
B 32 cm 37 cm 37 cm 45 cm  
C 44 cm 55 cm 58 cm 68 cm  
D 70 cm 90 cm 110 cm 130 cm  

The zipper on the circumference - the zipper starts under the left armhole and ends in the bottom corner of the sleeping bag, so it is possible to unfold the sleeping bag to be flat. This enables easier changing even the smallest children.

The zipper in the middle – the zipper is in the middle of the front side of the sleeping bag which makes easier putting the child into the bag and it is also quicker.

The zipper slide when fastened is protected by an ear.

Inside the sleeping bag there is a hem of fabric in the zipper vicinity which covers the zipper when fastened and therefore it does not hurt or chill the child.

Important: Take all the information as basic instructions. Make always sure that your child cannot spontaneously slide inside the fastened sleeping bag and that they have always room enough to move their legs or kick.

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