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How to shop

2.1 Online shopping is done by placing selected products into a shopping cart, completing and submitting an electronic order in four steps: Shopping Cart, Shipping and Payment, Contact Information, and Order Summary.
Buyer confirms the order with the "Send Order" button. The order is deemed to have been sent if it is delivered to the Seller and contains all required data (delivery and billing address with all required data, email and phone contact of customer, name of ordered products, quantity, delivery method and payment). The order submitted is a proposal for the conclusion of a purchase agreement by the Buyer.

2.2 The Buyer is bound by the order and is liable to withdraw it only if such an appeal occurs to the Seller before the Seller sends an e-mail with the acceptance of the purchase order. The Seller sends an email with acceptance of the Buyer’s order to his email (listed in the order).

2.3 The Purchase Contract is concluded by delivery of the Seller's acceptance to the Buyer.

2.4 The Seller is always entitled, depending on specifications of the order (quantity of goods, purchase price, shipping costs, etc.), to ask the Buyer for additional order confirmation - in writing or by telephone. If the Buyer fails to do so within the specified time limit, the Purchase Contract shall be canceled from the outset.

2.5 The Buyer notes that the Seller shall not enter into the Purchase Contract, especially with those who have substantially violated the Purchase Contract before, including Ppurchasing Terms and Conditions.

2.6 The Buyer agrees to use remote means of communication when entering into the Purchase Contract.

2.7 The Seller reserves the right not to accept the Buyer's acceptance in case of a clear printing error concerning the price, description or image of goods in the catalogue of goods on the Seller's website.

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