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How to choose a baby bag

A sleeping bag for children serves as a replacement of a traditional swaddling blanket. It helps your child as well as you to a better sleep. The child cannot kick off the blanket and so the possibility of getting a cold is reduced.

It is important to choose a proper sleeping bag size. Incorrectly chosen sleeping bag size can be dangerous – your child could slide inside the sleeping bag. It is important to take all the presented sizes of sleeping bags into consideration, mainly their width. The length of the bag armholes DETVAK can be adjusted by press studs. The smallest size of our sleeping bags is suitable for babies from 4.5 kg. It is also important to consider how much room inside the sleeping the child needs in order to move their legs or to kick.

Another important parameter to consider is a temperature coefficient TOG – it is a measure stating a sleeping bag thermal resistance. This measure says what the suitable temperature conditions for using the sleeping bag are. The higher the number the bigger the thermal resistance is. We offer summer sleeping bags of 1 TOG, year – round sleeping bags of 2.5 TOG and winter sleeping bags of 3.5 TOG. In order to choose the suitable sleeping bag it is recommended to consider manufacturer´s reference (see the Pictographic table below).

The difference in a sleeping bags design is also in their fastening. It can be on the circumference of the sleeping bag or in the middle of the front side. For the smallest children the fastening is always on the circumference which is more practical mainly when changing the child at night quite often. For older children we offer sleeping bags with the zipper in the middle of the front site of the bag. Inside the sleeping bag there is a hem of fabric which covers the zipper when fastened and therefore it does not hurt or chill the child. The zipper slider is also covered by protective fabric.

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